Cartesi Texas HODL’em
brings trust back to online poker

The solution to centralised online poker issues.

Now, you can trust online poker again!

This version is only the beginning on gaming, there’s more to come!

The decentralized version of the famous mental poker, powered by Cartesi Technology. Stay tuned for more!


Become a tester

We are opening up to a limited audience for our testing phase. We will be deploying the game online for our community to participate, enjoy, test, and share their feedback with us.

You must fulfill at least one of the conditions bellow to be eligible:


Be a member of both the Cartesi community and Polygon community on Telegram, Twitter and Discord


Hold a minimum of 50
CTSI and 50 MATIC tokens
and enroll bellow

How Cartesi is Changing the Game


Introducing Cartesi Texas HODL'em


First come, first served!